Monday, September 13, 2010

Fighting the Furry

Daniel Jackson...

The admitted Furry FC, formerly of the Caldari Militia. A perfect target to get back into the swing of empire wardecs. So with our target in mind, we start doing our homework on the intended victim. Now Sunday night, I'm at work so Govry, one of our resident Mass-holes, decides to run a ping on DJ, turning up a hit in Kylmabe with him in space. My boys check out the situation and low and behold he is offlining and unachoring his Large Dread Guristas research pos. The game is now afoot.

After hours of stalking their prey, Kain, Govy, Carth, and Cham time the intrusion perfectly. With mere moments left before the tower unanchors and is lost to us, the four Legionnaires move in, bump DJ's Charon out of range of the tower and scoop it to the sound of many tears in local. To put icing on the cake, I pop on moments later to put in the wardec.

We mostly call it a night at that point and wait for the wardec to go live as there isn't much else to do at that point. Over 24 hrs pass for the war to go live and DJ does nothing.

Minutes after the war goes live, we get word from our scout that DJ is on the move...and not just in a regular ship, but in his Charon...on his way to Jita. Well now we just have to move...oh shit...we're still in Irjunen 6 jumps away in a straight line...and DJ is only 4. We scramble with whatever ships we have at hand and haul ass. I land in Jita on the Maurasi gate in a Broadsword and jump through to push the freighter into Jita as Govy is landing in his Proteus. Charon and Condor escort pop up in Jita. Chamberlain darn near insta-pops the condor with his Ishkur.

Knowing that he is royally screwed, DJ tries to self destruct his ship to deny us the goodies. He, of course, fails and is summarily popped. Being the benevolent killers that we are, we offered reasonable terms of the insurance from his freighter loss and a youtube video, since he is renown for making them, of him surrendering to our corp. Said offer was unfortunately rejected at the war continues. Had he accepted, NRW's retriever and pod would not have needlessly died during the writing of this blog.

Back to the grind

Hey all, long time no write. Shortly after my last post back in January, XII Legion joined up with a number of our former REPO alliance mates in the Snatch Victory mercenary alliance. There were many kills to be had and awesome times by all. Unfortunately in mid-April, a fair amount of drama and burnout combined to make us decide to part ways with Snatch.

Having heard good reviews of Noir., a number of our core members took a two week trip into Noir. during their part in the conquest of Providence. Don't get me wrong, there are some pretty damned nice people in Noir., but their hype is definitely pumped up in my opinion. The biggest factor in Noir. planning is killboard efficiency. Now while I can understand the importance of showing good returns for a client's investment, Noir. leadership goes so far as to threaten the boot if a member flies an 'expensive' ship and looses it.

Most of their veteran membership also tends to be very 'groupy'. If you're not 'in' then you're not given too much assistance getting situated. They look down on setups that are outside of their 'think box', tactics that aren't safe, and basically anything that makes them uncomfortable.
Frankly it equated to shenanigans that just could not stand...Fighting to not lose, like Noir.'s style is centered on, doesn't sit well with those used to fighting to matter the cost.

After a frustrating two weeks most Legion members took a 4 month sabbatical from merc/grief work and went to Querious as renters. Cabin fever tends to not let us relax long like that so now we're back in empire and working on new wars. Our first victim? You know hate him...he was the Caldari Militia's furry FC of doom...Daniel Jackson.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Random Idea

Greetings once again faithful and new readers. I must say, I am quite honored and amused to have three new subscribers within the last week. When I started this thing, it was more a place for random thoughts and I never imagined I'd have any real readers.

Anywho, I'm stuck indoors tonight due to lots of snow and really bad road conditions...for anyone who knows me, boredom is bad, m'kay? It did allow for me to toss around an old idea that I have considered from time to time, but have never attempted. Anyone who either reads Crime and Punishment regularly or knows any of the basics about the Battletech Universe knows of or has heard of the Mercenary Review Board (MRB) or the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission (MRBC). This concept has been brought to Eve by a few roleplayers and a handful of trolls to attempt to stir up trouble against various mercenary organizations.

I wish to use this blog, and perspective as someone who has been a member of the mercenary community and continues to actively take and pursue contracts to attempt to give as unbiased and relevant review of some of Eve-Online's mercenary units, both past and present.

This will be a long-term project and in all likelihood I expect some people to take offense at what I post here in terms of analysis and ranking. While it not my intent to offend anyone with this, it may happen. I would greatly appreciate feedback on my reviews in order to help me refine the system and rankings to give as accurate a picture of those I profile as possible.

I will be rating the organizations that I profile based on a number of catagories:

How long has the unit been in the game?
How long have the members/member corps been together, or how long were they together?
How long has the unit been involved in mercenary work?

Combat Record:
How successful is the unit at completing contracts to the clients' satisfaction?
What does the unit's K:D ratio in ships and ISK look like?
How effectively can the unit apply its firepower?

Where does the unit tend to operate? (Highsec/Lowsec/Nullsec)
How effectively can they supply themselves? (Replace losses)
Do their logistics capabilities permit them to move enough personnel and material to continue prolonged operations?
How far can/will the unit be able to move itself and its resources to pursue the completion of a contract?

What ship types are used most? (t1, t2, t3)
Does the unit have access to Capital Ships?
How much firepower is typically brought to fights?

Is the unit in the Red (losing money) or in the Black (showing profit)?
Are they causing more damage in ISK than they are receiving?

The first profile/ranking of a mercenary unit (which should be up relatively soon) will focus on the unit that, in large part, was the progenitor for today's mercenary business and the roll-model for the modern nullsec alliance. Everyone aspired to their prowess and their firepower. Mercenaries wanted to be them. Alliances wanted to hire them. Coalitions feared them and were broken by them. I am, of course, referring to Mercenary Coalition.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Defending the King of Veldspar

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.
Marcus Aurelius

In this case, the side of the majority is avoiding the ranks of the insane, and smacking them down severely for daring to think they could harass the Veld-God that is Chribba. CONCORD Preservation and Recovery has found themselves under a declaration of war from some of the primary Mercenary powers left remaining in Eve, along with 15-20 smaller corporations...if not more...XII Legion included.

XII Legion Declares War Against CONCORD Preservation and Recovery
Sent: 2009.12.30 23:16

XII Legion has declared war on CONCORD Preservation and Recovery.
Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. We are of the chosen ones, Sent from within New Eden, in the name of Man kind, Power and survival. We will lead the weak through the valley of the darkness. We are truly our brother's keepers and the finder of lost souls. Let it be known to all, to those who attempt to kill and destroy our brothers in arms. We will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger upon you and to those within your corporation And you will recognize and fear our names. New Eden help your soul.

CONCORD Preservation and Recovery has, after being flooded with declarations of war from all across New Eden, retracted their war against Chribba. I doubt, however, that it will stop here. They have crossed the line. Even the most notorious pirates are content to allow Chribba to mine Veld in lowsec, even in his titans, as they slaughter helpless travelers all around him...and yet he remains untouched. Such is the respect that the community has for this person that hundreds, if not thousands of people will drop what they are doing and rush to his defense at a moment's notice. In saving Chribba's POS's in the Irnin system this past day, next to Amarr Prime, the heathens were repulsed, having lost 3 Armageddons, 1 Omen, and 1 Maller. In turn the 'Knights of the Veld' lost 9 Pospreys.

IMM corp, of the Systematic-Chaos alliance, holders of Sov in much of Estoria, have been linked to this effort. One of their members, Prometheus09, clearly implicates himself of involvement with the CONCORD Preservation and Recovery corporation in his blog on December 22 entitled Knocking At The POS. Are we to sit and watch as an alliance chooses to harass the most beloved character in all the game? Zedrik Cayne and the IEEE have taken the step and put in the vote to bypass investigation and wage direct and open warfare upon these heathens.

XII Legion applauds his efforts and gladly supports the IEEE in this endeavor. The question is, how much of the Eve community will follow suite? A coordinated effort must be made in order to effectively harass the empire operations of the 5th largest alliance in the game. The next few weeks will tell where the lines will be drawn

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Satisfactory Ending and a Call to JIHAD!

Greetings yon readers.

Today has seen the end of our war against Silver Twilight Enterprises. Their good humor throughout the ordeal as well as their relatively polite behavior and willingness to now negotiate a peace. Taljian/IR2way, Zodd Nos, and Tovanis, all alts of the same person, have been removed from STENT and apologies have been made about the causes of the war. So, STENT is off the hook. Well fought gentlemen...look us up if you need help in the future. And so now it's a waiting game for Tal to get back into a player corp so we can kick him around a bit more...or log in and undock so we can gank another of his mining barges. ^_^

In other news, Chribba, all hail the true Lord of the Eve-verse, has been dec'd by a bunch of Systematic-Chaos alts who also stole one of his POS towers while also attempting to ransom him. Yeah...Chribba has not asked anyone for ISK, assistance, or anything to counter the alt corp called CONCORD Preservation and Recovery, thread found here, but Chribba is Chribba...and one does not mess with the provider of thine eve-search, third party services, and various other projects that a good chunk of EVE users integrate into their gaming lives every day.

And so this brings us to a momentous day, my of the rare moments in EVE that have brought the many individuals together to fight a common cause. Yes, that is right...a C&P Jihad has been declared against .CPR. and Systematic-Chaos for their offenses against the Eve-Lord Chribba. Over twenty organizations have put forth the votes to initiate hostilities against .CPR. and more are likely to follow. Their mains in Systematic-Chaos are also likely to begin feeling the heat shortly.

Sound the horns, my friends. Gather your ships, your drones, your friends and your foes. Put aside your differences in defense of Chribba. They have violated a Sacred Eve-Law. Let there be war...let us make impure their women. Gather your forces and let our strength is numbers blot out the sun. Let the games begin and may their pods rot in Rancer for all eternity! To war, my war...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to me?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I'm honestly not quite sure what many of you would be doing reading a blog like this during such an important time of year, but I just had to take a moment to post this up. As of last night, I, Shina Windol, CEO/Legatus of the XII Legion corporation, have won our eve-Lord Chribba's mothership auction for an Aeon-class Supercap.

Thread here

While I have corpmates who could fly the darned thing and I could do so myself in 2 days worth of training, it's just not conducive to our operations and so will be sold off to the highest bidder. The sale of this awe-inspiring ship should raise at least 16 billion ISK in funds, allowing us to maintain our current war against STENT at the current wardec fee of 100 million ISK per week for approximately 3 years...and we will continue to fight them that long if we have to in order to kill Taljian/IR2Way, Zodd Nos and their ilk. We'll see you in space STENT, unless of course you pay the ransom.

Merry Christmas y'all.

Christmas season skirmishes

Welp, since we trounced STENT's fleet on December 15th, we haven't seen many of them out in any significant numbers. Oh we've had a few skirmishes in the area, almost always with XII Legion coming out on top.

Dragon Thunder's shiney new Drake and pod got popped by Kainan's solo Zealot on the 17th. STENT retaliated on the 19th by cornering Govry and his raven. He did, however, manage to kill Hern Choker's Executioner and Leshiye's Drake before falling to M Dary's Harbinger. Our response was swift, taking out one of our prime targets, IR2WAY in his massively expensive Nighthawk along with his pod, and hopefully a nice set of implants.

Mainly we've just picked off a few other targets as we've seen them. Another Harbi, Drake, Rifter, and Caracal.

So TL;DR is that Legion is still making good headway, war targets are getting frustrated if the increasing amount of smack talk is any indication, and STENT still refuses to pay the ransom as their alliance closes in on the 3 billion isk dmg taken mark closes in...nearly 5.2 billion isk in dmg has been dished out since the beginning of Operation Jazz Hands.

Pay the ransom and Merry Christmas to all