Monday, September 13, 2010

Fighting the Furry

Daniel Jackson...

The admitted Furry FC, formerly of the Caldari Militia. A perfect target to get back into the swing of empire wardecs. So with our target in mind, we start doing our homework on the intended victim. Now Sunday night, I'm at work so Govry, one of our resident Mass-holes, decides to run a ping on DJ, turning up a hit in Kylmabe with him in space. My boys check out the situation and low and behold he is offlining and unachoring his Large Dread Guristas research pos. The game is now afoot.

After hours of stalking their prey, Kain, Govy, Carth, and Cham time the intrusion perfectly. With mere moments left before the tower unanchors and is lost to us, the four Legionnaires move in, bump DJ's Charon out of range of the tower and scoop it to the sound of many tears in local. To put icing on the cake, I pop on moments later to put in the wardec.

We mostly call it a night at that point and wait for the wardec to go live as there isn't much else to do at that point. Over 24 hrs pass for the war to go live and DJ does nothing.

Minutes after the war goes live, we get word from our scout that DJ is on the move...and not just in a regular ship, but in his Charon...on his way to Jita. Well now we just have to move...oh shit...we're still in Irjunen 6 jumps away in a straight line...and DJ is only 4. We scramble with whatever ships we have at hand and haul ass. I land in Jita on the Maurasi gate in a Broadsword and jump through to push the freighter into Jita as Govy is landing in his Proteus. Charon and Condor escort pop up in Jita. Chamberlain darn near insta-pops the condor with his Ishkur.

Knowing that he is royally screwed, DJ tries to self destruct his ship to deny us the goodies. He, of course, fails and is summarily popped. Being the benevolent killers that we are, we offered reasonable terms of the insurance from his freighter loss and a youtube video, since he is renown for making them, of him surrendering to our corp. Said offer was unfortunately rejected at the war continues. Had he accepted, NRW's retriever and pod would not have needlessly died during the writing of this blog.

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